Frühstück in der Berganemone

Vacationing at Berganemone

We would be glad to assist you in arranging your daily sightseeing excursions, hikes or bike tours. In the winter we can help you with the planning of various winter sports such as skiing, sledding or cross-country skiing and other outings.

You can generally do without your car, as most of the public transportation system services are free of charge for visitors staying in the area. You may park your car free of charge on our parking lot next to the house.

The closest bus stop “Almrausch” (#843 bus route) is only a couple of minutes from our property. Numerous restaurants, shops, the cure and information center, the newly-renovated outdoor swimming pool, a couple of health-promoting facilities, as well as world-famous Lake Königssee are all within walking distance.

If you suffer from a food allergy, prefer vegetarian or vegan diet, so will like to go by prior arrangement to your wishes and find suitable food specially for you!

A large selection of cold drinks (both with and without alcohol) is available to you at all times.

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