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We accept the free cancellation of guests who are not allowed to arrive at the scheduled time due to a company closure or a travel ban by the authorities.
If travel is not possible due to personal illness, please check with any travel cancellation insurance you may have.

Despite a lockdown, business and medically induced trips, as well as trips with special urgency are still allowed!
Information about our hygiene concept can be found here: COVID 19 - Further information.
Taking into account the current regulations for the hospitality industry of the state of Bavaria, as well as the occupational health protection and precautionary regulations, we have surveyed and evaluated the service areas that require special precautions to protect health within the hotel industry.

These areas include all areas of operational facilities and customer communication, service, employee management and general rules of conduct. A detailed catalog of measures with detailed protective precautions is stored for each area. These range from check-in and service to the payment process. Of course, the focus: efficient implementation and compliance with the prescribed hygiene requirements.

All measures at a glance:

Corona pandemic / 15th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance extended to Feb. 9 / Exemptions from 2G for underage students to continue / Regulations on quarantine to be adjusted as of Jan. 11

1. the 15th Bavarian. Infektionsschutzmaßnahmenverordnung (15th BayIfSMV) will be extended up to and including February 9, 2022. As of January 12, 2022, it will also be adjusted in the following respects:
- As before, the obligation to present additional proof of testing in 2G plus areas will no longer apply to persons who have received a booster vaccination after complete immunization. In the future, in line with the last MPK resolution, this will already apply immediately after the booster vaccination (not only after the expiry of 14 days after the vaccination, as was previously the case). In addition, the obligation to present additional proof of testing will no longer apply to persons who have survived an infection after complete immunization (vaccination breakthrough).

2. contact quarantine and isolation regulations will be adjusted effective January 11, 2022.

- The duration of quarantine and isolation is ten days. After seven days, free testing by detection of a negative PCR or rapid antigen test is possible. For persons in isolation, this only applies if they have been symptom-free for 48 hours prior to testing.

Booster vaccination replaces 2G Plus testing requirement.

- The exemption from 2G in food service, lodging, and athletic, musical, or acting self-activity for the benefit of underage students who are regularly tested will continue and is expected to continue in the future.

The 2G Plus rule is made more specific

The following facilities and events, which were previously accessible under 2G Plus, will in future be accessible under 2G without a supplementary test (but the other provisions previously applicable to this, in particular the capacity limit, will remain in place):
- Open-air sports venues for a person's own athletic activity (2G Plus will continue to apply to spectators at sporting events).
- Public events (e.g. public commemoration, communal events, promotional events) and private events (private celebrations) in the open air, excluding sports and cultural events
- Zoological and botanical gardens (including indoor areas)
- Memorials (including indoor areas)
- Amusement parks (including indoor areas)
- excursion boats
- Guided tours in the open air
Continuing to be accessible under 2G Plus, on the other hand, are objects that have their main focus indoors or attract large audiences, in particular:

  • Sports events (as spectators), indoor sports practice
  • Cultural events
  • fairs, conferences, congresses
  • exhibitions, castles (indoor)
  • spas, thermal baths, saunas, solariums, gyms, other leisure activities.
     Tourist rail and coach traffic will be treated like public transport in the future (3G,no capacity limit).

The general AHA rules apply indoors. FFP2 mask required in all public areas! Regular cleaning and disinfection of all public areas with the appropriate cleaning agents according to tested hygiene regulations.

Intensified hygiene measures in the cleaning of vacation apartments after each stay, regardless of the length of stay. Regular intensive cleaning of special contact surfaces such as keys, door handles, light switches, stair railings, etc. Dispensers with disinfectants suitable for viruses are available for guests in all public areas.
All employees wear mouth-nose protection during their work and are sufficiently trained.

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